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Fresh Start

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I love to recreate a new love for something that was tarnished, old or used and turn it into something gleaming with brilliance and possibility. The first step, dust it off and look at it with open eyes. People ask how do you do what you do, simple love and light. Very seldom does something not have a purpose. The Lord gives us purpose with the ability to witness and we should spread love and purpose with everything we do, that's my secret, ALWAYS put in 110 percent.

I looked at this rustic little dingy place and saw the love and joy it could bring by holding so many new and old travelers. Travelers that want to come and discover our little slice of heaven, make memories and tell stories for years to come. A place to come back to with loving arms ready for your next adventure ready to give you that next story.

I rallied our family of five and together we worked hard to bring the old to the new. We will continue to work on it day by day and truly make it a destination all of its own. With all love and light pushing into purpose we present, Creek Water Inn....


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